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As one of the best steel fire rated door manufacturer in China, Mexin steel fire door conform or exceed the SDI/HMMA industry standards, fire tested and certified with UL, Intertek/WH from 20 min up to 3 hours fire rating, Complying criteria as NFPA252, UBC 7-2, UL10(b), UL10 (c).

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One Panel Steel fire Door

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double steel fire door

Double steel fire door with a glazed small window

double steel glazed fire door

This is an automatic double steel door with glazed window

One panel steel fire door

white automatic steel fire door

Mexin: Your Reliable Steel Fire Door Supplier in China

If your project or your business needs to import steel fire door, then Mexin will be your best choice to manufacture your metal fire door orders.

Mexin is one of the leading steel fire door suppliers and all of our steel fire doors can meet and exceeds ANSI/SDI standards, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

Mexin will give you the best fire solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team. If you are a fire doors brand and need to find an OEM manufacturer, then Mexin will 100% support you on the steel fire door development.

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Steel Fire Door Standard Features

  • 16, 18, 20 gauge flush and paneled  doors
  • Seamless door edge/edge seam optional
  • 3 hours WHI/UL fire, positive pressure, and smoke label
  • Cold rolled or A40 galvanized steel
  • Prime painted with baked-on water-based paint
  • 7 gauge hinge reinforcements
  • 10 gauge flush sealed top channel/inverted bottom channel
  • 16 gauge flush sealed top channel/inverted bottom channel
  • Closed hinge cavity
  • High-density full-body polystyrene or honeycomb core
  • Blank edge  door includes rim exit device reinforcement
  • Individual protective packaging

Mexin Steel Fire Door

High quality fire door comes from an advanced manufacturing process, Mexin manufactures different types of steel fire doors from FD30 to FD180, you can choose different steel fire door hardware, fill materials, surface design, or any other part.

Just send us your detailed project requirement, we will give you the best fire door solution.

Your Fire Door Surface Types

We can also custom your steel fire door based on your designs

Steel Fire Door: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for high quality steel fire door.

Or probably, you want to learn more about steel fire doors.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about steel fire doors.

Whether you want to learn about the design, quality compliance, features, classification or surface finishes.

This guide has all information you’re looking for – keep reading.

What is Steel Fire Door?

Steel fire doors are specific types of fire rated doors that prevent or slow the spread of smoke or fire.

It is very heavy due to the metal materials such as steel and gypsum which make the resistant to fire.

Steel firedoor

How does Steel Fire Doors compare to Normal Doors?

Steel fire doors are resistant to fire and will not burn easily in case of a fire outbreak.

They are also heavier than the normal doors because of the materials for making the steel fire doors.

It comes complete with fire resistance ratings that will show you how far it can prevent fire from burning it down.

The design for the steel fire doors requires that they remain closed at all times except when admitting entry or exit.

On the other hand, normal doors are not fire resistant and usually burn easily in case of fire outbreaks.

It can also allow the entry of smoke into the room very easily during a fire outbreak thus leading to chocking.

Normal doors are also lighter in weight due to the lightweight materials such as wood or timber.

It does not have fire resistance ratings and will definitely burn down within a considerable amount of time.

You can leave the normal door open or closed depending on the design features, functionality, and your personal requirements.

What are the Benefits of Steel Fire Door?

There are quite a number of benefits of using the steel fire door.

Here are some of the advantages of using the steel fire door.

Steel fire door

· Fire Resistant

Steel fire doors are fire resistant and will not burn easily thus keeping you safe.

It will also block the entry of smoke into the burning building thus preventing you from chocking.

· Highly Durable

Steel fire doors are heavy in nature and also durable because of the long-lasting steel materials among others.

You will use the steel fire doors for a very long time without thinking about doing any form of replacements.

· Extra Strength

Steel fire doors are very strong and not easily broken down thus offering extra safety and security.

The main materials for making the steel fire doors are very strong and will not succumb to wear and tear easily.

Apart from fire, they are capable of withstanding adverse conditions thus making them undeniably impressive.

· Versatile Appearances

You can also choose any type of finish for the steel fire doors thus enhancing its appearance.

There are different types of finishes that you can choose from depending on your application requirements.

What are the Disadvantages of Steel Fire Door?

Despite the numerous benefits of the steel fire door, there are particular limitations you might come across.

Here are some of the limitations that you might experience when using the steel fire door.

· Design Interference

You will have to prepare a lot of space for the steel door to fit into the design of your building.

It requires a lot of space to swing open and shut in emergencies and that might affect the aesthetic of your building.

· Tenant Intervention

Steel fire doors are usually very effective in cases where they can deploy easily and are free from obstruction.

Since many people have access to the steel fire door, it can undergo destruction as most people do not understand them.

· Traffic Flow

It can also interrupt the normal flow of traffic due to the difficulty of operating the door.

Apart from that, steel fire doors may deploy falsely and this may lead to confusion and disruption of traffic.

What is Steel Fire Door Made of?

Just from the name of the steel fire door, you can note that steel must be part of the materials.

Steel fire doors are made of steel among other metals and gypsum thus making the resistant to fire.

You can either use stainless steel of galvanized sheets of steel grade 304.

You can also put in a special request for grade 316 of stainless steel.

Apart from that, you will use other materials to make the steel fire door leaves such as:

  • Structural Honeycomb
  • Mineral Wool (with high density vertical stiffeners)
  • Polystyrene core

All the materials will help in preventing fire from burning and bringing down the steel fire door for some time.

Implying that, the materials are not fully fire resistant but they can withstand fire for a particular time window.

How are Steel Fire Doors Rated?

Steel fire doors are rated according to the time the door can take to withstand the effects of fire.

You will look at the time that the door will last while keeping you and your property safe from burning.

Most steel fire doors have the capacity of withstanding the spread of fire and smoke for about 3 hours or more.

In case you need more than 20 minutes of rating, you will have to opt for the steel fire door.

If the fire rating is below 20 mins, then you can opt for the wooden fire door.

Here are the most common hour ratings for the steel fire doors.

  • 20 Minutes Label
  • 45 Minutes Label
  • 60 Minutes Label
  • 90 Minutes Label
  • 3 Hours Label

These labels show the time the door can withstand the effects of fire from completely burning it down.

What are the Quality Standards for Steel Fire Doors?

Behind the steel fire doors, there is excellent manufacturing practices as well as proper choice of quality materials.

Apart from that, the assembly process is also top-notch thus ensuring that you get the best products.

You will, however, ensure that the steel fire doors are of high quality by looking at the quality standards.

These quality standards will ensure that you get high quality and safe steel fire doors.

Here are the main quality standards for the steel fire doors:

  • Secured by Design (SBD) Accreditation Quality Standards
  • International Standards Organization (ISO 9001) Quality Standards
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) Quality Standards
  • UKAS management System Quality Standards
  • CE Quality Standards
  • NFPA 80 Quality Standards
  • UL Quality Standards
  • ETL Quality Standards
  • FSC Quality Standards
  • ANSI Quality Standards

What makes Steel Fire Door Compliant?

Well, steel fire doors are compliant to quality and safety standards set by the international community.

Steel fire doors have very high-quality materials that can withstand the effects of fire.

These materials come from the best suppliers of raw materials in the industry.

Apart from that, the manufacturing and assembly process of steel fire doors is also up to the right quality standards.

Manufacturers ensure that the production environment is safe and clean for the health of the workers.

Apart from that, the manufacturers use qualified labor that is capable of handling the manufacturing process professionally.

All these factors are according to the set international quality standards thus making steel fire doors compliant.

Do Steel Fire Doors require Smoke Seals?

Fire door

Steel fire doors do not require smoke seals.

Smoke seals such as intumescent gaskets or seals are specific for fire and smoke barriers on wooden doors.

The intumescent gaskets and seals usually activate in the presence of fire or heat.

You can, however, request your manufacturer to include smoke seals on your steel fire doors through not necessary.

The requirement of placing the smoke seals on steel fire doors will also depend on the region.

There are particular regions which require you to have the smoke seals.

Are there other Materials that can Replace Steel Fire Door?

Yes, there are other materials that you can use to replace the steel fire doors.

One of the materials is the wooden fire door which is not as effective as the steel fire doors.

You will have to include smoke seals such as intumescent gaskets and seals to make them fully effective.

Apart from that, you can have steel fire doors made out of ceramic glass materials.

These materials also exhibit similar fire resistance properties thus preventing them from burning.

How do you Identify Steel Fire Door?

Well, knowing how to identify a steel fire door can come in handy and save a life entirely.

Identifying a steel door is one of the easiest processes you can perform due to availability of tale signs.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow to help you identify a steel fire door.

· Certification Labels

You should try and identify the certification plugs or labels on the top or side of the steel fire door.

Apart from that, you can get in touch with the door manufacturer to check the status.

· Gaps

Steel fire doors do not have numerous gaps on them as the gaps might admit fire or smoke thus jeopardizing its functionality.

You have to check and identify gaps on the steel fire doors to know if they are truly fire resistant.

· Availability of Seals

Steel fire doors may have intumescent seals on them thought is not necessary.

Intumescent seals help in preventing the entry of smoke and fire and are activated by heat.

· Hinges

You should be able to identify a minimum of 3 hinges on the steel fire doors firmly screwed in the right place.

It must also have screws in place to prevent the steel fire door from malfunctioning or falling out of place.

· Closure

You can also perform the closure test by opening the doors and allow it to shut and latch firmly by itself.

If it doesn’t, then the door you are using is not a steel fire door or it might be faulty.

· Dimensions of the Door

You can also identify a steel fir door by looking at the dimensions such as weight and thickness.

Steel fire doors are often thicker in size and heavier in weight than the normal doors.

· Type of Material

Steel fire does also have specific materials such as metal and ceramic glass among others.

They have a specific design made out of the materials that make the resistant to fire.

Do Steel Fire Doors have a Self-Closing Mechanism?

opened fire rated steel door

Opened fire rated steel door

Yes, steel fire doors must have a self-closing mechanism in place.

The door must shut and latch itself in case you leave it open without a physical barrier to keep it open.

If it does not shut and latch itself, there is a high probability that it is not a steel fire door.

In case you are sure about it, then the door must be faulty and you will have to fix it ASAP.

Are there Fire Rated Hollow Metal Fire Door?

Yes, there are fire rated hollow metal fire doors that have 3 hours of fire resistance label.

They are the most suitable types of steel fire doors that will help in limiting the damage and danger of fires.

They undergo specific fabrication and testing process to ensure that meet the UL quality standards and are effective.

Where can you use Steel Fire Door?

You can use the steel fire doors in quite a number of applications to prevent the spread and damage from fire.

Here are some of the applications where you will use the steel fire doors.

  • Power Stations
  • Cold Storage Rooms
  • Heat Transfer Applications
  • Retail and Industrial Premises
  • Health Institutions such as Hospitals

The steel fire doors are often the emergency exit door that will lead you to the streets in case of a fire.

Is Fire Resistant Door same as Fire Retardant Door?

Fire resistant doors are not the same as the fire-retardant doors.

Fire resistant doors is a door that has fire resistant properties even though they are not fully fire proof.

On the other hand, fire retardant doors are capable of slowing down the burning process of the door.

Implying that both fire resistant and fire-retardant doors are capable of slowing down the combustion process for a particular period.

In the long run, both fire resistant and fire-retardant doors will buy you enough time to exit the burning building.

What is a Fireproof Door?

Fireproof door is a type of door that will offer maximum resistance to combustion.

In other words, the door will not burn completely in the event of a fire due to the fire proof materials.

The door has maximum hour ratings when it comes to resisting fire from totally burning it down.

How can you Classify Steel Fire Doors?

You can classify the steel fire doors according to many categories depending on their functionality.

Here are some of the most important classifications of the steel fire doors.

Fire proof door

  • Double steel fire door
  • Vented steel fire door
  • Double steel fire door with window
  • Single steel fire door with window
  • Commercial steel fire rated doors
  • Double Leaf Steel Door set with Decorative Cladding
  • Wall access panel

Apart from the design, you can classify the steel fire doors according to the fire-resistant ratings.

In this case, you will classify them under 20, 30, 60, 90- or 120-minutes fire ratings.

What are the Main Parts of Steel Fire Door?

There are three main parts of the steel fire door that has numerous sub-components.

The three main parts of the steel fire door are:

Parts of steel fire door

· Door Leaf

The door leaf or the fire leaf is the main part of the steel fire door that causes the fire resistance.

It is made of different materials such as wood and insulated metals such as galvanized or stainless steel.

The requirements of the door leaf will also determine the overall structure of the steel fire door.

The main material of the door leaf such as steel plate must have a thickness not less than 1.2 mm.

· Hanging Devices

The nagging devices on the steel fire door include the bolts, door frames and hinges among others.

They perform different functions such as holding the door firmly on the wall and allowing it to open and close easily.

The door frame must have a thickness of 1.2 mm and above with either galvanized or stainless-steel materials.

· Closing Devices

Just from the name, you can deduce that the closing devices are responsible for closing the steel fire door.

It consists of door locks, door bolts, electromagnetic door holders and door closures among others.

You should avoid using spring closures because the spring closures might not work well at high temperatures.

Apart from the three main parts of the steel fire doors, you will also find the following:

· In Fill Materials on Heat Insulation Steel Fire Doors

The in-fill materials should not be toxic with heat insulation fire functions.

It is the property that makes the difference between the hollow and filled steel fire doors.

Which Steel Fire Door Features should you Consider?

In terms of commercial and domestic use of steel fire doors, there are specific features that you must look at.

Here are the main features that you must be aware of.

· Steel Fire Doors have different Components

The steel fire door is usually made of different materials such as fire-resistant glass and solid timber frames.

The components or materials must be capable of withstanding very high temperatures for a certain period before it becomes soft.

· Intumescent Seals

The steel fire doors should have intumescent seals around the edges of the door that will expand at very high temperatures.

It is responsible for sealing any small gaps that might be on and around the steel fire doors.

· Fire Rating Period

It is also important to know the fire rating periods of the steel fire doors and how long it will take before it starts burning.

This will give you enough time that you need to exit the building or put off the fire in the safe mode.

How does Steel Fire Door Work?

Steel fire doors are responsible for holding back smoke and fire in case of a fire outbreak in a building.

It has specific components such as intumescent strips and steel materials that spring into action when need be.

The intumescent strip is always around the inside or outside of the steel fire door.

In the event of a fire outbreak, the temperatures will rise up to a certain level capable of activating the intumescent strips.

As soon as the intumescent strips are activated, it will expand and fill all the spaces and gaps around the door.

It will then prevent entry of smoke or fire into the room thus keeping you safe.

The stainless or galvanized-steel materials, will with-hold the door from combustion and prevent it from burning.

It is important to note that the material have time ratings.

Implying that, the steel fire door will prevent combustion only up to a particular time window.

The time window for the steel fire doors usually lasts between 20 mins to even 4 hours.

In addition to that, the in-fill materials protect the high temperatures from spreading and causing a heating effect.

What are the Available Surface Finish Options for Fire Rated Steel Doors?

Steel fire doors have different surface finishes to improve its overall image and attractiveness.

Apart from painting the steel fire doors, here are other surface finish ideas you can choose from.

  • Pre-coated steel sheets with different ratings including RAL 7035, 5010, 9002, 9006, 9007, 9010, 9016.
  • Powder coating finish of any RAL colors such with reference to the RAL color chat
  • Brush or Mirror stainless steel finish
  • Epoxy powder finish
  • Spray or wet paint finish
  • Wooden or decoral painting finish

What are the Recommended Quality Tests for Fire Rated Steel Doors?

Steel fire doors go through rigorous testing not only on the materials but also on the other components.

Since there are different steel fire door designs, the door assembly and performance will also differ.

Steel fire doors are tested for fire resistance through destructive fire assessment and testing procedures.

The testing process is usually a responsibility of the third party which gives the right information on the quality.

All these tests are done in reference to different international quality standards.

One of the tests performed on the steel fire door is:

· The Drop Test

The drop test involves checking how fast the door will close in case of a fire outbreak.

It involves proper inspection of the door and its characteristics and how fast it will automatically close.

You will perform this test during the installation process and ensure that you do a follow up every year.

· Fire Resistance Test

In this case, you will perform a fire resistance test on the steel fire door materials in accordance to the fire rating.

A sample of the door will be placed under fire and then allowed to burn as the inspectors take notes.

The door will be allowed to burn for the labeled time period to see it it can withstand the test of time.

What are the Safety Features of Steel Fire Door?

Steel fire doors have two main features that will be the determinant between life and death.

The main safety features of the steel fire doors are:

· Formation of Barriers

When you close a steel fire door, it will form a safe barrier that will prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

The intumescent seals will expand and seal any opening around the door that might admit fire or smoke.

· Provision of Means of Escape

Apart from that, the steel fire door will provide the means of escaping when you open it.

In other words, it has well programed devices that will ensure you are safe in a specific time frame.

Which are the Security Features of Fire Rated Steel Door?


Steel fire door

Steel fire doors also offer different levels of protection apart from protecting you from incidences of fire outbreaks.

First, the materials for making steel doors are strong enough to withstand mechanical forces for long periods.

Implying that it will help in keeping you safe even in attempts of breaking them down.

Secondly, the steel fire doors have the capability of locking themselves with the locking devices.

It will remain locked until you open the locks to allow entry or exit into and out of the room.

How do you Manufacture Steel Fire Door?

Well, there are different modes of manufacturing the steel fire doors to make complete doors.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow to successfully manufacture the steel fire doors.

1) Preparation Stage

First, you will gather all the materials that you need for making the steel fire doors.

The main materials that you need are stainless or galvanized steel.

You will cut the stainless steel into right sizes according to the dimension requirements.

2) Making Hardware Components

After that, you will proceed to making the hardware components through precision cutting on the turret punch press.

This is the point where you will make the main accessories such as locks, hinges, lovers and light kits among others.

At the same time, you will press the stainless-steel materials using the break press to form the door edges.

This will ensure that the door will fit perfectly inside the outer frame of the door.

3) Welding the Parts

After forming and shaping the parts accordingly, you will proceed to joining the parts together.

You will join the parts such as the door hinge, closures, and the lock reinforcements by welding them to the door frame.

Apart from that, you will include the stiffeners on to the steel fire door to ensure that it has a stiff core.

You will fit the honey comb and polystyrene in place to ensure that the steel fire doors have fire resistant core.

4) Joining the Door Halves

Finally, you will bring the two separate halves of the door and join them together and the edges welded.

It will form a single door which you will move to the finishing room to provide it with final touches.

After that, you will label the door according to the fire ratings before testing and packaging for distribution.

How do you Choose Door Frame for Steel Fire Door?

When choosing a steel fire door frame, there are specific factors that you need to account for.

Here are the main factors that you have to take into proper consideration.

Dimensions of Door Frame

You must have proper dimensions that will fit the dimensions of your steel fire door.

Dimensions are important because you do not want to have spaces in between the door and the frame.

Fire Rating

Well, there are no specific ratings for the frame but you can use the ratings of the steel door frame.

You should be able to match the fire rating of the steel fire door to that of the frame to ensure uniformity.

Wall Rating

You should also look at the ability of the wall to withstand the effects of fire in terms of time.

For instance, wall rating of 4 hours will require a frame with a rating of about 3 hours.

Are all Steel Door Fire Rated?

Not all steel doors are fire rated, but all the steel fire doors are fire rated.

There are some steel doors that do not have the fire ratings because they are not fire resistant.

Fire resistant, fire proof and fire-retardant steel doors are the only types of steel doors with fire ratings.

How Long will Steel Fire Door Last?

Steel doors are highly durable and will serve you for a very long time if you maintain it well.

Proper maintenance means frequent cleaning and lubrication of the moving parts.

Apart from that, you must keep it away from agents of corrosion that usually reduces its durability.

Make sure that you do a through inspection and test on the door on an annual basis.

How much do Steel Fire Door Cost?

The cost of steel fire doors usually varies according to a number of different factors such as:

  • Size of the door where the bigger the door the higher the cost
  • Type of materials where high quality materials cost more
  • Fire resistance rating where highly resistant fire ratings will cost more

Generally, the cost of fire rated steel doors cost between 150 to 2500 US dollars.

What are the Features of Insulated Steel Fire Doors?

Insulated steel fire doors come with extra cushioning which insulate heat, fire and smoke.

Here are some of the features of the insulated fire doors.

Steel fire door

· Fire Standard Ratings

Steel fire doors have varying fire ratings depending on the type of application.

You can choose any fire rating of insulated steel fire doors as long as it fits your application requirements.

· Weight and Size Variation

Insulated steel fire doors have varying weights and sizes that you can easily choose from.

The different sizes and weight categories are for fitting different applications.

· Material Variation

You can choose among the different types of materials for making the insulated steel fire doors.

The materials vary from the type you will use to make the frame as well as the insulating materials.

What can Cause Steel Fire Door Failure?

There are particular moments when the steel fire door might fail.

Here are some of the instances when the steel fire door might fail to perform accordingly.

  • Securing the door with few and low standard low standard hinges
  • Leaving excess gaps between the steel fire door and the frame
  • Lack of intumescent smoke seals
  • Lack of proper fire rated plates
  • Installation of non-fire rated materials above the steel fire door.

What is the Recommended Steel Fire Door Installation Process?

You can install the steel fire door on different applications by going through the following steps.

1. Preparation Stage

First you must have proper personnel and equipment for the installation of the steel fire door.

You will then measure the door and the frame where you will install the entire unit.

After that, you will confirm that the steel fire door will fit perfectly into the right space.

2. Setting and Fastening

You will begin the setting process by inserting the door from the interior by placing the bottom first.

After fitting it well, you will need a level which will help in checking for plumb and square.

If all is in place, you will place the screws to the installation holes and then screwing them to fit well.

After that, you will install the closure pieces on the exterior side of the door.

Finally, you will ensure that it is secure and in the right place before testing and checking for gaps and spaces.

How Frequently should you Inspect Steel Fire Rated Door?

It is important that you do a thorough inspection and testing on your steel fire doors annually.

This will ensure that the steel fire door is in perfect working condition.

Apart from that, you should make maintenance a habit as you may not know when a fire might break.

In short, before importing steel fire doors, you must know the quality standards, design, material quality, and surface finish options, alongside everything highlighted in this guide.

As a leading steel fire door designer and manufacturer Mexin, adheres to strict quality standards while guaranteeing competitive prices.

Contact us now for all your inquiries and questions about steel fire rated doors and wooden fire door.

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